‘Frozen 2’ will not be available in Disney+ Spain until the summer


Ironically, it seems that we will have to wait until summer to make a snowman. Disney+ has been released finally in Spain, bringing with them a catalogue of over 500 movies, 350 series and 26 original for that your subscribers are kept entertained for the duration of the isolation measures imposed with the objective of halting the expansion of the coronavirus. Many parents are depending on of the Disney movies in order to avoid that their children have too many opportunities to sow chaos in the home, so the last confirmation of Disney+ sure that it’s not too much illusion. And is that the platform indicates that one of the most anxiously awaited films of his catalogue, ‘Frozen 2’, it will not come to Spain until the 10th of July.

The page of Disney+ explains that 'Frozen 2' will not reach the platform before July

The sequel, now the second animated film to be highest grossing of all time, captivated the audience at the end of 2019 with his story of a hidden realm, two sisters who try to rely first and foremost and a handful of new hits such as ‘Far beyond’ and ‘Show yourself’. As informs Digital Spyand to envy of the Spanish public, the film is now available to watch streaming in the united States. The ceo of Disney, Bob Chapek, has praised the animated film for its moral by ensuring that “‘Frozen 2’ has captivated viewers throughout the world due to your topics powerful about perseverance and the importance of family, messages that are of utmost relevance in these times.” Despite this statement about the relevance of ‘Frozen 2’ right now, Spain and other european countries such as the Uk will not have access to the title until July. On the official website of Disney+ Spain, explains that “due to the existing agreements, this title will be available on the 10th of July 2020”.

How Disney has responded to the coronavirus

Changes in the date for the premiere of ‘Frozen 2’ are not the only consequence of the coronavirus. Also the platform has announced that the video quality will be lower than expected during the days of quarantine due to the increase in internet traffic during the health crisis. The bandwidth is reduced by around 25%, and that equally we could not see the kingdom of Arendelle in all its glory.

'Frozen 2' not releasing at Disney+ Spain until the summer of 2020

In addition, Disney has been one of the first studies to delay several of its upcoming premieres, not only in Disney+, but also in cinemas. The adaptation in the actual action of ‘Mulan’ was to premiere this march 27, shortly followed by ‘The New Mutants’ on the 3rd of April, but the two films have been delayed indefinitely. For the first time in years, as he tells Anna of Arendelle, the workhorse of the new releases and purchases of Disney has come to freeze.