I am pump!!! The who has been involved with Felipe VI at the Zarzuela! Last time


March 23, 2020
(13:15 CET)

The Royal House crumbles. The scandal of the 100 million euros in commissions collected by the government of Saudi Arabia it is only the last straw to a series of events that have left the monarchy quite touched.

On the one hand, the case of Iñaki Urdangarín and his money laundering through the foundation Nóos. A matter on which, although out unscathed from the trial, many suspect that the infanta Cristina he was aware of everything. In fact, it is hard to think that in Zarzuela no one knew of the affairs murky from the ex-player of handball.

Bans in Zarzuela

An episode that led to Philip VI drew his sister to the dome. Cristina he was exiled from Palace. Even more after having had his marriage with Urdangarin. And although he has returned in the last few months, their appearances are limited to events sights not to be missed as it was the burial of the infanta Pillar, the sister of the king emeritus Juan Carlos I.

Infantas Elena and CristinaFor its part, although not official, the infanta Elena nor is it welcome in Zarzuela. The show support to his sister Cristina in the that this to maintain its relationship with Iñaki condemned in the family.

And not only that. Also the chaos which carry their children Froilán and Victoria Federicaaccustomed to visit the local fashion Madrid and they have disobeyed to the confinement imposed by the Government of Pedro Sanchez. Run by Madrid that is the are going through the lining.

The infanta Elena with their children, Froilán and Victoria Federica

Mess in the House Real

A few bans that, say from the environment of the Royal House, have to the Queen Letizia as the main architect. The monarch is a woman with character and has made it clear to your husband that you do not want to be near to the corrupt and those who support them. In fact, they say that has been the pressure of Letizia which has led to Felipe VI to remove the assignment to his father Juan Carlos and to give up their inheritance.

Some animosities that have increased in the past few days, as a result of wear that causes the Kings be together 24 hours a day under the same roof. And it is that tension, as it happens in all the houses of Spainincrease in these days of confinement. Because even though monarchs, Letizia and Felipe they are also human.