I arrive at six in the morning! The infanta Elena is silent, this for shame


Infanta Elena

March 24, 2020
(12:55 CET)

The list of alleged mistresses of the king emeritus Juan Carlos I is long of nostrils. There are many celebrities that have been heard in the vicinity of the Royal House as the alleged deputy chief of JC on the sidelines of his marriage with the worker Sofia. Martha Gay, Barbara King, Corinna Larsen

In Zarzuela they have always been accustomed to their getaways. Sometimes even no one knew where he was. It was the Head of State and didn’t have to give explanations.

Sofia and her loves

But Juan Carlos it is not the only one who has had suitors. Sofia he has also had his public. The admirer most talked about is Alfonso Díez, widower of the Duchess of Albathat has gone behind for a long time. Yes: although the monarch has always been left wanting, that you know will never happen anything between them. That is to say, Sofia would not have deceived her husband, but if he would have done it Juan Carlos.

Result of image of Alfonso Díez sofia diariogol

But Sofia it might not be the only victim of a mess of horns. In the highest spheres of Madrid that the infanta Elena also could not fit through the doors. That is what emerges from the book Sofia, our queenwritten by Carmen Enríquez.

The escapades of Jaime de Marichalar

“The queen Sofia I was never convinced of that Jaime de Marichalar marry your daughter by love, but that he always believed that he moved other interests. To this must be added that he did not like the treatment that the daughter received from her husband during the time they were united in marriage”, told the author.

And attention, because it reveals that their getaways, Marichalar just went through the marriage bed. We spent the nights out there. “The Infanta I was very upset to see her husband at the marital home at the same time that she rose to accompany the children to the kindergarten. While James preferred to stay up late at night and make a presence in any social event, the women opted to retire any time soon,” revealed the writer.

A few episodes which would have resulted in the separation of marriage: “After more than two years of living separate, the infanta Elena divorced”.