I dress strips! Jennifer Lopez puts it (and see this): “oh, Scandal!”


Jennifer Lopez | EFE

March 24, 2020
(15:04 CET)

To the limit. Sometimes Jennifer Lopez taken to the extreme its perched in front of the cameras. So we can often see in your account of Instagram.

The artist’s north american shows in most cases, very timid. But don’t scrimp when you remove the clothes. On the contrary. He loves showing off the profiling type that holds when it is the way of the 51 years old. JLo he spends many hours in the gym and likes to brag about it.

The Jennifer Lopez’s most daring

This is how we find photos like the below in your account Instagram. A snapshot in which he does not teach anything but it would still be the most suggestive.

Outfits as that looks, for example, in his last film, Hustlers, or as it is titled in Spain, Scammers Wall Street. In her new yorker interprets Ramonaa stripper that to increase their profits scam brokers.

A tape in the offered dances with the bar that he never had seen them perform. Movements similar to those we saw in the performance that offered in the rest of the Super Bowl. In her assumption of what was acquired during the filming and was mesmerizing to the most of 60,000 spectators present in the stadium and to the most of 100 million that followed the action at a distance.

The dress of strips of Jennifer Lopez

And is that the figure and the shape that holds the diva Bronx make any outfit that you put seem the most suggestive. Because sometimes, and it is your case, it matters much more the hanger that the dress. And to photos, with the elaborate outfit of strips that looks like in the following snapshot provoke comments like “oh, the Scandal!”, “Spectacular,” or “JLo is a goddess”.