I like the Phoenix! Adele is ready to return to the stage And they showed excited!


When Adele was in its period of greatest splendour at the professional level, his personal life came with it to perfection. Everything was going well while I lived in London, but never imagined all that would happen later.

The singer is about to launch his new album, of which you could say is like a new debut, because we have to go back to see the birth of an artist completely different to what it was six years ago.

Once you have finished your tour in 2017, the artist he retired abruptly from the music to be full time mother. Had married secretly with her boyfriend Simon Konecki and preparing for a life of traditional family.

Surprisingly, by the end of 2018, began to run rumors that the couple was in crisis. In February of the following year, he attended single at the BRIT Awards, which raised speculation about the divorce.

For April, the separation was already a fact. At this height, the singer of “Rolling in the Deep”I had already abandoned their marital home, and had moved to a right on the opposite side of the street.

Your birthday number 31 came to him with a mixture of emotions the british, but he confirmed that his priority was going to be her: “This year is going to be great for me. For the first time in a decade I am ready to feel the world around me and to admire it,” he said.

A year after her divorce, Adele shown recovered and happy. And like a Phoenix, was resurrected from the ashes of his failed marriage and is ready to return to have the world at their feet.