Internet users CRITICIZE Madonna for romanticizing the Covid-19


Recently the singer of 61 years, Madonnacaused the anger of several internet users after sharing a video of it while giving a bath of roses and reflects on the Covid-19, a pandemic that has killed thousands of people around the world.

In this way Madonna he shared with his followers how he wore the quarantine in his great mansion in London. A video that you made from your jacuzzi while bathing with rose water and reflected on the Coronavirus, which he named as the “great equalizer”, in a message that he titled “Non-Discrimination Covid-19”.

In this controversial video which has been harshly criticized, the singer started talking about the Covid-19 affects everyone regardless of the money you have, the fame, the intelligent, the place where we live or how old they are.

“Is the great equalizer and that is terrible is what makes it good. How terrible it is that has made us equal…

… to all of many ways and the wonderful thing about this is that we have been made equal to all in many ways. If the boat sinks, we will sink together.” Were parts of the reflections of the Madonna, who also shared a picture of her covering her breasts with rose petals.

An image that after receiving thousands of reviews from users, the singer of “Like a virgin” was forced to delete it. However that didn’t stop the criticism she continued.

Internet users CRITICIZE Madonna for romanticizing the Covid-19

Among the comments you might read that several users asked the singer not to romanticize the subject of the pandemic, because in reality the people of low resources is the most affected in these times. In addition to that it is a virus that has claimed the lives of thousands of people around the world.

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It is worth mentioning that because of the Covid-19, Madonna was forced to cancel his world tour “Madame X” and to remain in quarantine since his residence in London, with his partner, the dancer Ahlamalik Williams, and their youngest children.