Is uncovered the biggest scandal of Eva Gonzalez and Cayetano Rivera during the quarantine


March 24, 2020
(15:27 CET)

Eva González decided to move to Mairena de Alcor, his people, before the proclamation of the state of alarm on Saturday the 14th of march. A place where Cayetano Jr, his son, can be more quiet. In the Community of Madrid is home to the largest number of infections and deaths. In addition, Seville is closer to his family, even if they can’t be seen.

Through social networks the presenter shows their day-to-day together with your child. Making drawings, puzzles or even cutting the grass with a lawn mower toy that launches bubbles of soap each time that it is put into operation. Cayetano is what is going to wonder ajeano to the tough situation in the country.

During these days a lot of media talked on the possibility that Cayetano was not with them. The bullfighter was published in all times the same photos that Eva González, and none of the two published no joint image in social networks since that happened the controversy.

After the assumptions, Cayetano has been pronounced in the social networks to show that if you are with your child and Eva Gonzalez. “I think that in a few days I get a mountain himself alone furniture ? ( not to mention our heroes, or all affected)”writes the right-hander next to a photograph where you see the small tools on the side of a piece of furniture.

What happens between Eva Gonzalez and Cayetano Rivera not to publish any photographs joint? How is everything going well between them? Some claim that this latest controversy has made a dent in the marriage.