It removes everything! As God brought the world


March 24, 2020
(15:50 CET)

Toñi Moreno is one of those affected by the coronavirus. Like many other television presenters, Moreno has seen his program was canceled for obvious reasons and, like the rest of the citizens who live in Spainshe is going home quarantine.

A quarantine in which, like many other tv stars and celebrities of our country, is taking advantage of to send messages more than positive through the social networks.

Whether videos, photos or even poems, Toñi share with your followers a message of optimism towards a future. However, none of their publications has petado as much as the last one, which has hung up your partner in Women and Men and vice Versa, Nagore Robles.

The picture of Nagore

And is that Nagore he has chosen to hang a picture as God brought the world along with a message to his followers: “Time of mishaps and discoveries. These days I am going through so many emotions and so different… so Much silence and with so much noise in me… So light and yet I feel more weight than ever… so Much free time to be caged… There are hard days that are also used to learn and relocate, so they are necessary and will always end at twelve. As all of this history that will belong in the past and has given us great lessons. My compass is triggered but I’m still not lose the north. Good night moon. Good night world.”

A publication that, as was to be expected seeing the content, has not made another thing that petarlo. And in what way. There are already more than 42.000 likes in less than 24 hours it has generated, as well as a good number of comments.

Gorgeous”, “A beauty inside and out”, “This woman is a charm”, How lucky to have Sandra”, “Great message Nagore and brutal picture”, “Beautiful as always”, or “How we miss you” these are just some of them.

We’ll see if Toñiseeing that his friend and colleague has petado both with this picture, decides to emulate it and pose in this way so sensual. His followers, from then, sure that they would respond just as well to have done with Robles.