J Balvin apologizes for promoting face masks in the midst of the crisis of the coronavirus


J Balvin has unleashed a wave of criticism in the social networks for having promoted masks in the midst of the crisis of the coronavirus.

It all happened on Twitter, where a message appeared on the account of the colombian promoting the mask that sells it under his personal seal adorned with the smiling face with rays like the eyes. It should be remembered that the face mask are an add-on that became fashionable a few months ago and which is now a scarce resource between health staff for the crisis facing the planet.

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This lack of sensitivity, many users did not hesitate to rebuke the singer, who accused him of wanting to get economic benefit in the midst of the complicated situation and criticized him harshly in the different social networks.

In fact, such was the response from the netizens that after you clear the message posted a new one explaining what had happened and apologized.

“The tweet about the mask itself came out of my account but it WAS NOT with my consent, as I spoke with the marketing team and if it is very badly made, I offer my apologies. That is not the way in which I act less in a moment like this”, she apologized to the interpreter Safari.

But this is not the only controversial message that the Medellín has been forced to delete in the last few days. Last week he also wrote on his Twitter account “Color virus”, in reference to the name of your new album.

This controversy has starred J Balvin after the release of their fifth studio album, Colors, which form part of the subjects already known as White, Red or Purple.

The release of this album came with the release of the video clip of Yellowthat accumulates more than 17-million views in just a few days.

Despite the fact that the singer came to ask to delay the date of the release of the album by the health crisis, finally the album was premiered last Friday, march 20, and is composed by ten songs.

J Balvin is one of the great stars of the Latin music of today. During the last few years has positioned itself at the top of the genre, urban songs such as My people or With Height, next to Rosalie, who brought him to the head of the lists of reproductions of hits from different countries.