Jennifer Aniston would like to be the daughter of Brad Pitt in his films, but Angelina Jolie defends


Jennifer Aniston would like to the daughter Brad Pitt in his new film, but Angelina Jolie contrary to. In svelarlo the tabloid-Americans, according to which the former star of Friends would be very approached Shilohthe daughter of the ex-couple of the Golden Hollywood. The thirteen-year-old, in fact, dreaming of a future in the world of cinema and Aniston offered her, would be a great opportunity to become a star.

After meeting with Brad to the Sag Awards, Jennifer the desire would have expressed a better insight into the children of ex-husband. Started by Shiloh, the most fascinating is, without a doubt. Thirteen years and a passion for the casual look and mascolini, is the oldest natural Pitt and Jolie. Fascinating, as daddy Brad and beautiful like mom, Angelina, is far removed from the cliché of the “daughter of…” and their lives between the faces of the most promising of all Hollywood.

There are those who is convinced that Shiloh book the tide is low, the screen, and the teenager seems to start very hesitant to pursue a career in the cinema. The first concrete proposal from the ex-Mrs Pitt. Jennifer Aniston he asked Shiloh to entry into the cast of his new film, giving him an important role. As you know, Brad is very attached to the children that they are good: Maddox, 18 years old, Pax, that with 16, and Zahara, 14 years old, Shiloh, 13 years old, and twins Knox and Vivienne, have for 11 years.

The divorce of Angelina was particularly painful, because the led has to, away from the children. After a battle in court and the continuation of disputes that have today, the ex-couple finally reach an agreement. The relationship to the children, and Jolie is more Sunny, while the divo riavvicinato is the first ex-wives. The images show that the Sag Awards while you laugh, shake hands, and kiss you, making the rounds in the world of the gossip about a possible setback.

Maybe that is why Angelina would be the opposite force with the proposal of the Aniston. While Brad, it would be appeared immediately thrilled that Jolie had, she answered with a decisive refusal, convinced that Shiloh will have other opportunities to get noticed, but you will never on the set with Jennifer.