Jeremy Conrad has anticipated that Black Widow is coming to Disney+ april?


Jeremy Conradboss of the famous website MCU Cosmic, historically very close to the productions of the Marvel Cinematic Universehe is on Twitter, by leaving a message very cryptic about the future of Disney+, streaming service the Walt Disney he’s in Germany today.

In the post, as usual, at the end of the article, it is a short teaser of the service-on-demand streamingwith the caption that reads: “I heard some voices of the great things that relates to the arrival on the Disney+ very soon (no, the new show from Marvel). To stay at home until april, a lot more fun, if this is really happening.

Conrad has not released further information on this in the “voices of the great things going on in the arrival,” which would come, and yet the reference to Black Widow it should be a matter of course. On his website, he had already analyzed the various pros and cons of a possible release of the film with Scarlett Johansson to increase the service-on-demand streaming, even if the Deadline had tried, with a possible new release dates if the Disney-should you want to actually ready the movie on the way to the classic.

What do you think about this topic? Black Widow to let comes to Disney+, intact calendar Marvel Studios? The calendar slitterà? Or, third option, the programs of study will not be affected, of any slip, Black Widow, since the movie Was a prequel to Avengers: Infinity?

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