K-Pop: Mine Twice celebrates his birthday, after suffering from anxiety


Mine he had announced his retirement from the group K-Pop “Twice” to heal their emotional problems, since the anxiety was very present in her life and acknowledged that it was best to rest from his activities as a singer; came march 24 in South Korea, the date of its birthday and the fandom held.

In social networks such as Twitter, highlighted hashtags #HappyMinaDay, #BrightestMinaDay and #AngelMinaDaythe fandom of Twice, did not forget to remind the singer of K-Pop so much that the estimate of its fans, being his birthday number 24 in old Korean, the time to enjoy your special day has arrived.

The singer Twice was able to recover from their anxiety issues in great counting with the support of his fandom, Mine is of japanese origin and an american but resides in South Korea almost of the whole life, so that his legacy in the K-Pop is one of the most beloved.>

As well celebrated to Mine Twice

“Happy birthday to the girl is more courageous that I know of, thank you for becoming a part of my happiness and thank you for being here, because despite the adversity, you continue to shine with us,” wrote a Twitter user along with an image of mine in motion.

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Another fan of Twice gathered several photos of the canatnte d K-Pop and commented as follows: “…a person who has made me very happy, that I see and the only thing I can think of is courage, my admiration towards you is unimaginable, you are strong and I feel proud of what you’ve accomplished.”