Kiko Hernandez very scared. Just know this. And it is heartbreaking


March 23, 2020
(14:13 CET)

Kiko Hernández was isolating at home and leaves for the first time to Save me. Does not return until the lifting of the state of alarm, and the children return to school. It does so mainly for the sake of his two twin daughters of 3 years, who remain in the house all day. The employee remains subject to all present, especially of what is happening in Spain with the coronavirus. Even your program, Save me, has also changed its contents in order to give preference to today. Jorge Javier Vázquez leads each day, a panel of experts formed by politicians and doctors.

There are programs such as The Ant, Zapeando or The Intermediate that have decided to do from home, while others are still being issued in direct as Aruseros or Save me. Workers in the space of The Sixth have already complained for being forced to go to work. Karmele Marchante has denounced this case.

“I have several known people who are still working in the program Save me, which are no measures of ANYTHING. There are already sick people….. but in general the anger is on the rise. And people management delegated to lower fees to not go. GREAT AND SUPPORTIVE!”this is the tweet that he wrote the extertuliana of the space.

Karmele Marchante reveals that there are sick people who come to work. Therefore what could have happened to other people on the team or on the street in your route from home to work. It also reveals that the program does not take any action against the coronavirus as products to disinfect their hands or use of gloves and face masks. It also leaves them in ridicule by ensuring that programme managers are going home while leaving others to the care of everything. Workers in the space have not wanted to make statements after this revelation.

According to the collaborative spaces in direct should be cancelled until further notice, at least for the duration of the confinement.