Kim Kardashian ensures that Taylor Swift “is lying and manipulating the truth”


Kim Kardashian again out in defense of her husband, the rapper Kanye West after that both of them have been as liars before the public eye, after it was revealed the telephone call to complete, which took the singer to the u.s. Taylor Swift. Now, the influencer said on his Twitter that that “is lying and manipulating the truth” is Taylor.

A few days ago on Twitter leaked phone conversation full that had Kanye West and Taylor Swift in 2016. Where the singer allegedly was in agreement that Kanye’s mentioned in his song “Famous”.

Even, it was the same Kim Kardashian that released only a fragment of this called a in your account of Snapchat to “check” which Taylor himself agreed to be referred to in the topic.

But what Taylor Swift of 30 years did not know and never agreed, was that the rapper called “b*tch” (bitch/p*ta) in the song. And with the full video of almost half an hour of the phone call has been verified; therefore, the millions of fans of Swift have begun to attack the social networks to Kanye and Kim; but the socialite did not stay quiet.

Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian/Photo: Elle

Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian/Photo: Elle

Although it is obvious that not, Kim Kardashian 39-year-old assures that the singer of “Shake it off” is lying with the leak of this new video. Also, the influencer asserts that Swift is manipulating the truth, because Kim asserts that she did not edited the video and that Taylor Swift is only taking advantage of this to promote his album “Lover”. This was what he wrote Kim on her Twitter:

“Taylor Swift has chosen to revive an old exchange…”

“… That in this moment it feels very, very selfish because of the suffering facing millions of real victims… I’ve been left with no choice, but I’ll answer because it really is lying. The only problem that I had was that Taylor lied through his publicist that said that ‘Kanye never called to ask for permission’…”

“… They spoke clearly, so I let them see that. No one denied ever that the word “bitch” is used without your permission. The lie was never about the word, always was if you had a call or not, and the tone of the conversation”.

According to Kim, Kanye West only recorded the telephone conversation for your personal use, and Kim Kardashian made it public to “disprove” to Taylor Swift. Even knowing that in the united States, recording a phone call without the consent of both parties can get to be something illegal.

Kim Kardashian is trying to save Kanye

Despite the tweet from the influencer and entrepreneur, many claim that Kim is only trying to save his image and the image of her husband Kanye West. Now that both were liars and Taylor is receiving all the support that you ever denied it. It even says, that was the mother of Kim, Kris Jenner who leaked the video of the call full.

Taylor Swift, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian/Photo: Hello

Taylor Swift, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian/Photo: Hello

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In fact, Taylor Swift wrote in his account of Instagram that do not want to continue talking about the topic, and who better to their fans and the public are concerned about supporting the people that are being affected by the Coronavirus. So, Kim Kardashian also criticized that of Taylor, claiming that the singer is only doing the victim in these difficult times.

Taylor responded in their stories of Instagram/Photo: Instagram

Taylor responded in their stories of Instagram/Photo: Instagram