Madrid postponed the celebration of the Pride LGBTI 2020 and the crisis of the coronavirus


The Organizing Committee of the Pride State LGBTI has decided this Tuesday, march 24, to defer the Celebrations of the Pride of Madrid in 2020 before the health crisis that has caused the coronavirus. As has been detailed in its press release, “the health and safety of people is priority“so the event is postponed until “the health and safety conditions are adequate”.

The Pride of Madrid 2020, postponed

The Pride of Madrid 2020, postponed

However, the Committee, composed by the COGAM, LGBT people+ of Madrid, the State Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Trans and Bisexuals (FELGTB) and the Association of Companies and Professionals for Gays and Lesbians of Madrid (AEGAL), has confirmed that will continue working on the quote, which is held every year during the last week of June and first of July, and guarantee that it will be done “when possible”.

In their press release, they wanted to to show their “solidarity” with all the people affected by the pandemic, to the few who really appreciate the work of staff health, safety and, in general, of all those involved in the crisis will end as soon as possible. In addition, added a special note to “all the people in the group to which the pandemic is leaving in situation of special vulnerability“and remember they have a open line of attention phone FELGTB 913 604 605 and the service Information of COGAM LGBT+ 915230070.

An important week

Pride week is one of the most important for the city of Madrid. In data of the organization, the primary manifestation gathered the last 2019 to 1.6 million attendees, with the consequent impact that has for the tourism of the place. In addition, supposed hours of television content for stringsespecially for the Telemadrid tv station, which broadcasts each year, the above-mentioned manifestation. This is another hard blow to their schedules, which already have been quite affected by the crisis of the coronavirus.

Ironic is that last year Monica Naranjo was the responsible for opening the celebrations of the Pride with his song “Am I going to survive“, a theme that has become all a hymn for the population in their fight against the coronavirus since it decrees the state of alarm, and the confinement of the population in their homes.