Michael Jackson: Do Gay or straight? Ex-bodyguard reveals the TRUTH of the King of Pop


Michael Jackson he gave a lot to talk about for its music but also by what was happening behind closed doors in his home and whose truth has been revealed by the ex – bodyguard of the interpreter.

Michael Jackson: Ex-bodyguard reveals INTIMACY of the King of Pop Was gay?

Bodyguard of Michael Jackson reveals intimate details of the singer

Bill Whitfield, who was the bodyguard of Michael Jackson for two years prior to his death to come to light with the intimate details of the sexuality of the so-called King of Pop.

For years it was rumored that Michael Jackson was gay, but never dared to “come out of the closet”, so that would have died keeping secret his true sexual orientation until now.

In an interview with Jim Breslo, host of the program “Hidden Truth Show”, also a lawyer and activist, questioned the ex – bodyguard on the intimacy of the King of Pop and the rumors about whether he was gay.

Michael Jackson was gay?

According to his former bodyguard, it is a lie that Michael Jackson may have been gay, and even, one might say that he was a “womanizer lover”, who told him all about their conquests.

Although Bill Whitfield did not want to delve into the details, did confirm that Michael Jackson used to spend “private time” with various women and then boasted about it to his ex – bodyguard.

According to the statements of the ex – bodyguard, never saw or heard something that made him think that Michael Jackson out to be gay, on the contrary, there are several occasions where they shared details of their intimate encounters with women.

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Despite the rumors about the homosexuality of Michael Jackson, the singer was married on two occasions; the first with Lisa Presley and later to Debbie Rowe.