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The model shared her wish list for the 2020 and a little detail generated speculation on the part of their fans

Natalia Barulich, Croatian model-cubana

Natalia Barulich, model Croatian-cuban.(NATALIA BARULICH/INSTAGRAM)

The model of cuban origin and Croatian Natalia Barulich has shared a message through his account of Instagram that called greatly the attention of their fans and gave rise to new rumors about his relationship with Maluma.

Before the pandemic of the coronavirus, the model is not exempt from the measures that each country adopted to deal with this terrible situation and has not had more option to keep active in your social networks.

And it is not that he did not do it before, because Natalia is the celebrities that are published every day their adventures through this digital platform, but now will make it a lot more.

The detail that grabbed the attention of your fans is related to the possibility that it has achieved partner. Will Maluma? They ask their followers.

And is that the model was published in their stories of Instagram a particular message, in which appears a list with the wishes that the professional dancer has for this 2020.

“My goals for the year 2020”, he wrote next to the publication.

It contained five options: to travel, to study, to have money, a relationship and come alive as of dec. All crossed out except the last.

The funny thing is in this last one, because concern for what is happening with the virus, it is general and it is evident and logical that people prefer to survive before anything else.

The ex-Maluma is no exception, and as the rest of the world wishes the world to beat this terrible pandemic. Because of this the same, has opted to stay at home for their protection.

However, the curiosity of their fans is always attentive to the smallest detail and that is why many are wondering if the have crossed out “have a couple” respond to that for it already is not so important to achieve this goal or is it that he resumed his relationship with Maluma.

Or you just found a new way with another man? That’s only known by her and no one else. Up to now, are only speculations since she has not spoken on it.

Until the people have come to think that it could be Neymar, who was always on the radar of the protagonist of “Happy 4”.

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