Natasha and Taskmaster instead of, the removal to the new pictures of the Black Widow


The artist Matt Taylor has released a few new promotional images for the marketing Black Widowa new film, the Marvel Studios and the first Chapter of Phase 4 Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As you can see, in the post at the end of the article, the two promo-kind of put them in relationship with the protagonist Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) and his new antagonist, Taskmasterseems , imitate a pose typical for Captain America.

It is known, in fact, the Taskmaster, whose real name in the comics is Anthony “Tony” Masters, with the ability to save and duplicate perfectly the movements of everyoneregardless of the difficulty of the gesture, after they had seen, even only once; this property makes him a tough opponent, as in the various trailers and teasers of the ” Black Widow has already proven that they will be replicate to be able to the movements of a large number of Avengers, including hawkeye, Black Panther, and even Iron Man.

In the case of it is not known when Black Widow distributed by Disneythe film would have been on 1. may in the USA (and on the 29. close april in Germany) but because of the pandemic of Coronavirus, which he is forced, all the cinemas in different countries, the studio has decided to the start, without the spread of a new release date. In these hours, it is speculated that the Black Widow can Disney+, but for now, no official information in this respect were communicated to

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