‘Outlander’: The author, Diana Gabaldon, writes a sex scene of the fifth season

In the world of literary adaptations, it is not surprising that many authors are not always fans of the altered versions of their stories, although most remain neutral under the gaze of the public. However, there are exceptions – George R. R. Martin admitted that his vision of the destiny of the West collided with the creators of the series ‘Game of Thrones’, especially in the last season, and it is well known that P. L. Travers hated the adaptation of Disney of her novel ‘Mary Poppins’ in 1964. Now the author of the series ‘Outlander’ Diana Gabaldon, is the latest voice to criticize the creative decisions that were made by the team of the series adaptation of his novels on Starz, saying that one of the scenes in the fifth season of the series has presented “dialogues bad” and “bad address”as informs TV Line.

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan in the fifth season of 'Outlander'

Gabaldon, who has been very involved with the series from Starz (which emits Movistar+ in Spain), even writing a few chapters for the series in past seasons in addition to the eleventh chapter of the current season, turned to Twitter to tweet that the sixth chapter of the series, ‘Better to Marry Than Burn’, was available. A fan of the series used the social network to ask a question to the author about what he thought of a sex scene in the chapter that seemed to be a lack of the chemical feature among the principal actors that give life to Claire and Jamie Fraser, Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan.

“The scene in the stables was a complete frustration”, said the user. “What has happened to their chemistry? Everything seemed very forced and unnatural”. The response of Gabaldon is concise and cutting: “The dialogue is bad, the bad direction, bad illumination, a set uncomfortable,” summarizing, although he defends the performances of Balfe and Heughan, saying that “the actors did the best with what you gave them”. Despite this criticism, the author returned to Twitter later to clarify that he did not denounce the entire chapter: “Would you please pay attention? I was referring explicitly to a scene of 45 seconds, not to the chapter”. In fact, his final opinion is that “the bulk of the chapter is pretty good.” Still not exactly a recommendation flattering, but that “pretty good” is better than his original critique.

The fifth season, what a disappointment for the fans?

It is interesting that the criticism of Gabaldon remember the views of the fans on this season of the series historical romance about a nurse in the Second World War who travels through time and falls in love with a member of a clan scots in the EIGHTEENTH century. The saga romantic has a community of fans very large who have criticised the series by making changes meanings to the story that is told in the ‘cross burning’, the fifth novel of Gabaldon that revolves around the Fraser.

It is possible that these changes, and the resulting backlash, have affected the ratings, which have dropped dramatically this season. According to the statistics of TV Series Finale, 815.000 people watched the premiere of the fifth season of Outlander, a 24% fewer than tuned in to the first chapter of the fourth season. This considerable reduction might suggest that the romance epic is losing some of the magic that has attracted fans across the globe. Still it is not known whether these indices could affect the future of the series, which until now has followed the course of the literary saga of 9 books.

‘Outlander’ is broadcast in Spain through Movistar+.

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