Paty Cantú wiggles his hips in tik tok with daring dance


Paty Cantú took advantage of the free time to use Tik Tok, and make a new video for hang on to their other social networks, in this video you see the singer of “let me go”, dancing very sexy mind the song Can’t Touch This, delighting the pupil of the male audience who were able to be a taco of the eye with the video Paty Cantú.

And is that Paty Cantú it is basically the perfect combination between talent and beauty, becoming a woman worthy of admiration As it also is very charismatic and he dedicates all his time to his fans.

Paty Cantú received hundreds of likes on your video which you shared on Instagram, and comments alluding to her beauty, she also received several emojis of fire were to understand this burning was to be seen.

“I swear that today I was productive. I did interviews. I started to ride my acoustic to do it live these days. Meetings, calls, emails… but @tiktok_espanol is my time psychotic”, published by Paty Cantú

Paty Cantú returns to the music more sexy

Paty Cantú has released recently new songs, where we can see a more sexy and mature in this interpreter, here we have been able to watch grow over the years, and here Paty Cantú began his career in the duo Lú, but now we know to interpret songs of empowerment but with a pace between pop and urban

In fact, recently debuted the song “when you come back”, where Paty Cantú will sing the empowerment, and as a woman can survive despite the fact that a man “leave”, in addition to Paty Cantú has shown a feminist image, supporting the cause, the past 8 of march.

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Paty Cantú already found the way to pass the quarantine and entertain its more than a million followers on instagram, who are having fun with their occurrences, and revel in your sensual figure.