Paz Padilla ¡broken! Last time was devastating. Ask for discretion


Paz Padilla

March 24, 2020
(10:57 CET)

The coronavirus concern all over the world. The disease does not cease to expand and are becoming more widespread and, unfortunately, deaths. A virus that does not make differences between rich and poor and anonymous and famous. Many important personalities are running out of close relatives Miguel Bosé, who lost yesterday to his mother, Lucia Bosé. Others have symptoms of coronavirus as Diego Matamoros or Plácido Domingo, among many others.

Paz Padilla, who was standing alone next to his daughter at home, is also very worried. The partner took the decision not to go to Save me to lift the state of alarm, is Jorge Javier Vázquez who is responsible for all emissions. In these hard times the cadiz can’t stop thinking about their loved ones, who are located in Cadiz.

paz padilla via skypeSome of their loved ones are part of the medical staff who is giving everything to save the greatest possible number of people. In Save Me, the program contact with all of your co-workers via Skype. Yesterday what he did with Paz Padilla. The comic has shared with all the viewers as it is found.

“I’m like all the spaniards, being locked up, concerned and worried because we are seven brothers, each one in a different city and in addition to a sister and a sister-in-law are nurses, are infected and isolated in their home” he assured the also a comedian.

In addition ensures that your nephew is living it all first-hand because it is doctor. “I have a nephew who is a doctor and is living it all in the first line”, he said. Is very worried because you are aware that “there is no material, there are no masks”.

For this reason, Peace has decided to put hands to the work. “I’ve been in contact with an institute of making to make masks but do not have the material, fabrics of cotton. There is an e-mail to be able to address them, and help as much as possible. Who needs those masks that you agree with them and dealt. You have to have a sewing machine and they will send you a pattern,” explained Padilla.

Finally, Paz Padilla has wanted to ask people who have head and stay home. In particular, it has been prayed that respects all the elderly. “I ask the citizens that have respect for our elders”, he said.