Photo Alexa Dellanos showcases your legs away from the pandemic


Alexa Dellanos seems oblivious to the current emergency by Coronavirus that there are in the world as he shared that he was enjoying the sea and bragged about their beautiful legs.

The daughter of Mirka Dellanos you can see in their stories instagran lying on a lounge chair and enjoying a moment of relaxation and the view of the sea.

Despite the fact that it seems quite carefree, beautiful, Alexa itself is being affected by the Coronavirus since it has expressed its fear for the risk to his mother.

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Alexa Dellanos shared her discomfort as it ensures its mother is risking the life to remain in your job in front of the cameras.

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God bless my mom who risks his life every day to report the news for 4 hours in live tv. My inspiration, wrote in one of his stories from his Instagram Official.

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Mirka and Alexa Dellanos more than mother and daughter seem to be sisters because they are both possessed of a great beauty and attributes.

Adamari Lopez, a companion of the same tv station had worried his supporters in recent days to announce that he was in quarantine at the possibility of having Covid-19; fortunately, the result gave a negative.