Ricky Martin organized a campaign to raise funds to combat the coronavirus


Faced with the situation that is going through the world by the pandemic of the coronavirus, Ricky Martin not been able to get by with our arms crossed and has decided to launch a campaign in partnership with ‘Charity Stars’ and ‘Project Hope’ to help the medical staff who does not have sufficient means to combat the threat.

Through his profile in Instagram, the puerto rican singer has encouraged his followers to share the video and donate, as that is going to do it with their friends and get help for the health personnel. Since in many hospitals of different countries are overwhelmed by the situation and without the necessary equipment to be able to work.

The name of this campaign which is being promoted in collaboration with the other organisations is to ‘Help From Home’ (‘Help from home’ in Spanish).

“You know that I am extremely concerned and obsessed with the situation that are happening to our health care professionals. Do not have masks, do not have gloves, they do not have robes,” he explains in the video before you encourage your fans to help with the cause with the economic contribution that they can.

“We have to help our doctors because but they are not going to be able to take care of us,” says the interpreter.

In addition, he has tagged in the publication of dozens of artists to help highlight the solidarity initiative and join the cause. Among them, Alejandro Sanz, Bad Bunny or Marc Anthony.

This is nice because it comes just a few days after that to express its concern for people that weren’t following the quarantine, to which calling her “gross” and “criminals”.

“Unfortunately, there are still many people who are in the streets, on the beaches, going to restaurants. It remains for me other than to think that they are gross, ignorant, because the only thing that can stop this is to quarantine. What are you doing on the street? Are you a person who has no empathy. I have to see you as a criminal because maybe you are a carrier and you’re not helping the cause,” he said in the video you posted on your social networks.