So he bears Kelly Clarkson the fault of your toilet



Singer Kelly Clarkson and her family, her husband Brandon Blackstock and their children River and Remington, they decided to be confined to a few days in a cabin located in a mountainous region and in remote Montana in order to contribute to the work of containment of the coronavirus, but it is certain that such a gesture has been accompanied by some other problem in the plane of the infrastructure for hygienic reasons.

As revealed by the own interpreter in their social networks, this weekend, froze a good part of the plumbing in your home due to the low temperatures that plague it still the zone, negating elements so basic to daily life as are the toilets. This is why the artist has had to resort to ingenuity more desperate to be relieved and to meet their physiological needs.

In his message, the music star has acknowledged that he has had to dip into the portable latrine of their small to not have a better alternative to their normal service, a measure that has not generated “neither pride nor shame,” given the extraordinary circumstances in which we find the world and, particularly, his home country.

“Each day brings us something I never would have expected. The case is that the pipes of our little cabin in Montana have been frozen, so I had to use the water my daughter’s laptop”, has revealed the artist in his Twitter account, which has also explained, this time, yes proud, that the confinement has led him to take up with enthusiasm the physical activity. “He has had to come a pandemic in order to re-train me… Rolling on the floor I am,” he noted with humor.