‘Song of the south’, the Disney film that will never come to Disney+


The chairman and ceo of Disney, Bob Iger stated on march 11 at the annual meeting of shareholders of The Walt Disney Company that ‘Song of the south’, the Disney film from 1946, will never reach Disney+, on the contrary, that a great part of the productions of the company.

  'Song of the south'

The film, which is a mixture of live action and animation, set in the time of the american Civil War and the conflict of the slavery and it tells the story of Juanín, a lonely child who entertains thanks to the stories full of adventures that Uncle Remus tells her about the rabbit Scut and Brother Fox.

‘Song of the south’ was very controversial at the time, being criticized by the interpretation “old-fashioned” of african americans, and labelled as racist; “I have felt, during the time that I’ve been CEO, that Song of the south, even with notice before the film, is not appropriate in the world of today”reported Iger. Not even as a way to see how it is represented in the time slavery.

Therefore, not to offend anyone, the film will not be included at any time in the catalog. In addition, during the press conference he was asked about other titles that are left on the platform, as the short film ‘Victory through air force’, to which he answered that the problem was the digitization of some movieswhich was more difficult than expected.

Not all could be perfect

Although Iger noted that “not all” would be in the catalogue, the platform has 500 movies, 300 series and a total of 25 original content, Disney+.

Among some of the most anticipated are the series of ‘The Mandalorian’ or the entire series of ‘High School Musical’, plus more films like ‘Cinderella’, ‘The little Mermaid’ or ‘Lilo and Stitch’, and series such as ‘Hannah Montana’.