Suspended classes in the University of Havana for the coronavirus


Classes are suspended at The University of Havana from Wednesday 25 marchas a precautionary measure before the advance of the coronavirus in Cuba, according to published Magazine Alma Mater.

“As we get information from the other Universities of the country will tell you,” concludes the publication, which so far has not offered further details.

“Begin to suspend classes in educational centres cubans as a measure of prevention against the COVID-19. So far, only the University of Havana”, wrote in Facebook the journalist Raúl R. Ayala, who said that UH had already closed two faculties.

“The UH had closed already two faculties. It is not a measure of today. If the others are going to assume the same decision, independent of a generality is assumed within the MONTH, well you should go report in to both organize the logistics of transfer and closing”, the journalist said in a comment subsequent to its publication.

The suspension of classes in all levels of education in the country has been a claim growing in the last few days between the cubans, concerned about the lack of measures in this direction by the cuban Government.

The Prime Minister of Cuba, Manuel Marrero Cruz, recently indicated that the schools were not going to be closed because the students were more safe inside them.

He added, moreover, that the Ministry of Education “is not idle” to the status of the pandemic and despite the fact that they keep the idea of continuing teaching classes in schools, were making an emphasis on hygiene measures in the areas of education.

This Monday, the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) given to know that already are 40 cases of coronavirus in Cuba.

Until Sunday 22 march, the number of patients admitted for clinical surveillance – epidemiological supervision in the isolation centres were 1,036 patients, of whom 531 suspects. Other 37.788 people are being monitored in their homes through the primary care network.

However, despite the growing risk of the spread of the disease, on Sunday The streets of Havana were full of people. An image that contrasts with the avenues deserted of a growing number of cities in the world, in which governments have asked for as a mandatory quarantine or a recommendation – that its citizens remain at home to prevent further infections.

Last Friday the Government of Cuba announced the closure of borders before the advance of the coronavirus, a measure that many cubans had asked for repeatedly.

The border closure, which comes into force this Tuesday, march 24th, as reported Miguel Diaz-Canel in the television program Round Table.

“The first measure that we want to tell is that we’re going to regulate the entry by the borders of the country. We’re going to make a regulation of entry to the country, which allows us to cut continue entering cases, and focus then on discover more what you should be in the country, and be able to act efficiently and with that cut the transmission,” he said.