Terrible blow to Ortega Cano. Gloria Camila ¡broken! The worst has past. Last time


March 23, 2020
(13:58 CET)

Gloria Camila is the advocate of Ana Maria Aldón on set, although this would be assuming a family conflict. The tertuliana has made it clear that between the contestant and his father, Ortega Cano, there is no bad relationship. In recent weeks, has spoken of the approach of this Aldón. This, according to some collaborators of Save me, would have entailed an attack of jealousy in the matador. However, Gloria Camila has denied this. “My father is not jealous, is very sure of his marriage and of itself“said the young man very secure and strong.

ana maria aldónLittle by little Ana Maria Aldón has been becoming the real protagonist of the reality. A character who has always lived in the shadow of the matador, and has now taken the spotlight with his own, though he was already known for his facet as a designer. His close relationship with Antonio Pavón and his little closeness with Dew Flowers have been the main themes. It has also attracted attention as the cadiz confessed to feeling ‘locked’ in your routine and how it felt “bigger” and “grandma” at 42 years of age.

This Sunday, Jordi Gonzalez, and the rest of the contributors spoke of the night of passion of Hugo and Ivana, something that Adara caused “a lot of disgust”. The presenter asked Ana Maria Aldón that it would seem that Ortega Cano visit him on the island, something that, for the situation on the planet right now is not viable.

“My husband, please, don’t come”, has answered quickly, and has justified his words of a strange way: “He mosquitoes are biting, you are not going to be able to shower and we are going to chop. Come my daughter, my daughter Gem”he insisted. Ortega Cano is in the care of the child that you both have in common. This attitude has not gone unnoticed.