Terror. David Bisbal is aware of this. “I do not wish to anyone”. Attention


March 23, 2020
(15:10 CET)

While it is true that David Bisbal became, especially in the early days that the coronavirus was beginning to settle in our country, in one of the celebrities most criticized in the networks for their recommendations out-of-place, and no criterion, the evil drink that passed the singer has nothing to do with the that is happening their is a couple, Elena Tablada.

And is that the jewelry designer is in the final phase of her pregnancy and, taking into account everything that is causing the crisis COVID-19 and the quarantine, wanted to show your concern in a posting on their social networks.

The terror of Elena Tablada

A Tablada that is very sincere: “In the midst of the darkness we have always to find the light… Is that in these moments there are many women like me, pregnant and, as is my case, very advanced. The uncertainty is our greatest enemy right now. What will end this Before you give birth? How will my delivery? Does affect my baby? Will I be able to breast feed? How to wear it skin to skin? Countless questions that I don’t get a response and to me this robs The Peace.”

And he continues: “But immediate answers do not permit me to ask me such nice things as, how will be our meeting? Who will look like? Only that I have full faith in the plan God has and the existence for each one of us… I put myself in your hands and I trust in them that have allowed me to give life to this baby that I have inside. I encourage all the women pregnant that they trust and embrace this moment so spectacular that we are fortunate to live, that nothing and no one remove it and prepare ourselves with the energies and emotions right the arrival of our baby.”.

A publication that, as expected, has generated many comments. The margin of those who suggest that this bad experience “I do not wish to anyone”, the vast majority have been given courage and strength to Elena with opinions such as “We all hope that you have your baby and what abreces and mimes” or “Think positive and with strength”.