Thalia is concerned her fans after admitting that she suffers a TERRIBLE disease


The famous mexican singer, Thalia, caused a great uproar among their fans, after revealing that he suffers “obsessive-compulsive disorder (TOC)”, a terrible disease that has affected for years, not only in his private life but in his profession.

A disease, that Thalia it has brought to the fore in these days of emergency due to the spread of the Coronavirus. Where we’ve seen the singer to become obsessed with the topic of the cleanliness of your home.

Even the singer used their social networks to make this controversial confession that has left his followers without words, since many were unaware of this condition of Thalia that apparently has been affected by years and in a serious manner.

“The biggest part of my life I have lived, controlling the disorder obsessive compulsive disorder…

… that from a young age I was developing. Not for nothing my closest people call me “Howars Hughes”. It was part of the great revelation of Thalia, where he made a clear reference to the TOC which had the famous entrepreneur and aviator Howard Hughes.

Also the singer said that over the years has had to exert a strong mental control to handle this complicated situation, that he has now proved to be positive before the crisis the world is experiencing with respect to the pandemic Coronavirus.

The terrible disease of Thalia

By using a publication in your account of Instagram, Thalía confessed the following: “Wash my hands constantly, open and close the water faucets, touch the door handles with a paper and an endless ritual of cleaning, have been a constant for me.”

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Moreover, the singer asked his followers to avoid touching metal surfaces in public places. And maintain a proper cleanliness in the house, where advised to clean the surfaces more exposed as the door handles, toilets, faucets, tables, telephones and cell phones, as well as electronic tablets at least three times a day.