The brutal problem of Isa Pantoja that puts the quarantine upside down


Isa Pantoja Isabel Pantoja

March 23, 2020
(15:57 CET)

Isabel Pantoja is isolated in Singer, away from her two children. In your home is only his brother Augustine and his mother Doña Ana. The singer has locked all the doors and not allow anyone to leave or enter. This disease would be very bad for his mother, who has health problems for which you had to enter a couple of months ago. The only form of contact with their children are the video calls. Kiko Rivera is located in Seville and Isa Pantoja in Cadiz. In this way you can be in contact also with their grandchildren to whom you want with madness.

Isa Pantoja is located in el Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz. During this time the collaborator of The program of Ana Rosa makes every effort to entertain your little one. Has also left his entire house is completely clean and has learned to cook. In your social networks shows your day-to-day.

When all this is over Isa Pantoja already has plans. Aims to going on vacation to a beach with pulserita, that is to say, all inclusive. Without any kind of concern and where it may be in the sun all day on the beach or in the pool. Very probably on this trip is the great love of his life, Asraf Beno.

Some couples may distance themselves after this confinement, however others have seen it as their relationship strengthens even more and prove that they are made for each other. What is good insurance for all of us will be missing a training session. This year the operation bikini will be uphill. This month people move little and the food is not lacking in your day-to-day. Even due to the anxiety some people bite between meals, such as Isa Pantoja, who is a fan of chocolate chip cookies. What will have made it?

Isa Pantoja chocolate