The “brutal!” salary of the infanta Elena, which leaves Spain with the mouth open


March 23, 2020
(13:40 CET)

It is evident that by much the coronavirus is still the main topic of conversation these days in our country (and in the rest of the world), in Spain already other theme that is focusing a good part of the news: the problems of the Royal House.

And is that the investigation of the prosecutor’s office of switzerland in around a few accounts of the king emeritus John Carlos have caused an earthquake in The Zarzuela. Seeing that the mess was becoming more and more fat, the king Felipe he opted for a drastic decision: to renounce the inheritance corresponding to those accounts and withdrawing your financial allowance to your father.

A decision, to renounce the inheritance, that yes, time has only made Felipe. His sisters, the infantas Elena and Cristina, has decided not to follow in their footsteps. It is not known if they will or not in the future, but it is precisely the largest of the three, Elena, which is in the spotlight in the social networks in the last few days.

infanta Elena

The salary of the infanta Elena

And it is now that he is talking a lot of money from the monarchy, there are many who have wished to recall that, for a lot of that Elena no longer be part of the Family Real but the family of the king (so you don’t have economic allocation), you still have a salary more than important.

A salary that comes, yes, given for his work in the Foundation Jubilo. As reported a long time ago a Pillar Eyreone of the journalists better informed of the real issues, the first-born to spare neither more nor less than 300.000 euros per year for his work in the mentioned foundation.

A figure, of 25.000 euros per month that, as expected, has left more than one with the open mouth in the networks. While it is true that Elena is one of the few in the Home Real that has not been involved in any scandal, there are those who feel that it is an amount “brutal”.