The candle of hope, may be a ritual satanic: immediately


Turn on the candles

The pictures in your profile and put them for a moment, the candle of hope, send them to all your friends so that they are lit for 24 hours the same profile for all the sick of the Covid-19 and so in the end we will see how many candles were

The candle of hope

Many have received, and sent, in turn, started this chain, for several hours, and in the result, like a wild fire.

WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram have been flooded by this “candle of hope”. The usual blah-blah, chops and ritrita, that they fear the collective of this historic moment, messages from the “useless”.

To start, but the alarm, always social, is a pastor, he alerted his members:

Delete immediately all of the candles that you made, in social. It is a ritual satanic: on 24. March is the feast of the beast, and is preparing with the light of a candle, the 23 evening. Notify you how many you have released the image of a burning candle. Thanks

In short, hoaxes, chain letters, messages, digital, people, even the prelates, they give credit.

Of course we do not, we believe, to the extent we have in digital form, the “from the candle“the publication of this image Radfotosonn of Pixabay