The coronavirus falls in the box office american up to a historical minimum


The coronavirus is still expanding and destroying everything wherever it happens. With Europe mired already in the chaos, The united states is starting to notice the effects of COVID-19 both at a social level, as, of course, in your economy. With most of the cinemas in the country closed, the numbers at the box office have suffered an unprecedented decline.

Cinemas plummet

The Hollywood Reporter published the news that the 440 rooms that are still open (barely 8% of the total), so they only managed to raise $ 300,000 last Wednesday. Comparing with the same date of the previous year, when ticket sales reached $ 11 million, the current figure represents a decline year-on-year to 97%.

And although some autocines, that yes they are open, do not register their sales, the experts already consider this descent as the more important of the history: “$300,000 is, without a doubt, the lowest number in modern history for a single day of the week”.

The limit of the bankruptcy

While the pandemic continues closing meeting, Variety collect the displays and ask the united States Congress to take urgent measures to ensure helps you to crave more and more essential. Led by John Fithian, National Association of Owners of Rooms has demanded a package of extra help to ensure their survival. Because, as they explain, these measures are not taken, companies will soon be bankrupt.

“From night to the morning, we had an industry that earns $ 15 billion a year to 11 billion in ticket sales and 4 billion in concessions- to one that is not going to make a dime in three or four monthsargued Fithian. The coming weeks will be key for the future of the business of the cinemas.