The death of the cartoonist Albert Uderzo, the father of Asterix and Obelix, at the age of 92


Asterix and Obelix are orphans. As reported by his family to AFP, the cartoonist Alnbert Uderzo has died at the age of 92 in Neuilly. According to the statement, died while sleeping in her home of a heart attack is not related to the coronaviruses. Took several weeks already and feeling very tired.

Albert Uderzo

Albert Uderzo was born in Normandy, and his dream was to be an aircraft mechanic. During the Second World War he lived in a village in Britain that would be the inspiration for the village of irreducible gauls. He met Rene Goscinny in 1951. Together they went to work a year later in the belgian World Press.

In 1959 they enter the magazine Pilote, where it appears for the first time Asterix the gaul. I was going to be a comic strip more but was so successful that in 1961, he released the first solo album of the character. Goscinny was in charge of the script and Uderzo drawings. At the end of the 60 such was his fame that is devoted exclusively to him, with Uderzo completely at the helm since 1977, after the death of Goscinny.

Of the frames to the screens

Together, Goscinny and Uderzo signed twenty-four comics of Asterix, Uderzo add another eight in solitary. As of 2013 he decided to let another creative team continue to bring out more stories of the irreducible gauls, being the last, ‘The daughter of Vercingétorix’ in 2019. The fame of Asterix and Obelix transcended the bullets, coming to the big and small screens with animated movies and live-actionuntil video games. The last film was the lively ‘Asterix: The secret of the magic potion’, premiered in 2018.