The embarrassment of the queen Sofia in Baqueira that has not told or Jaime Peñafiel


March 23, 2020
(14:40 CET)

There are certain things that a lot of journalists who are more than well informed of the current monarchy as Jaime Peñafiel or Pillar Eyreno one account. Among other things because they are issues that do not is that they stop very well to the royal family.

A royal family that is not happening precisely because of his best time. On the contrary. The epicenter of this earthquake is the king emeritus, Juan Carlos I that, if well a long time ago that does not appear publicly, it has become one of the key figures in the media in recent weeks.

The king Felipe VI (d) next to his father, the king emeritus Juan Carlos I, in a photo taken on may 14, 2019 | EFE/File/PC

The reason is not another that the alleged payment of commissions and their mess of economic the office of the prosecutor switzerland is still investigating. However, there are some who are taking advantage of the occasion to go rescuing some old stories that leave the Bourbon in very bad place.

The embarrassment in Baqueira

The case is that they have been several ‘haters’ of the Royal Family, who have now remembered a privilege (like many others) that has the institution in our country. And that is no other than that of having a house at your disposal in the ski resort of Baqueira.

While it is true that a long time ago that none of the major Family Real put one foot in the Catalan resort, yes the son of Iñaki Urdangarin and the infanta Cristina, Johnhas gone on more than one occasion.

A house that, as pointed out in LOC, “has at the disposal of the family of Felipe VI. A house situated in the Urbanization of La Pleta, which is prepared all year for the family. Although it is not a gift from Baqueira Beret to the Bourbon, yes it is a loan that they can use whenever they want.”

Juan Carlos

The case is that, come from the environment of Urbanization, that in the times in which the king John Carlos I was younger, it was very customary to see him enjoying the ski slopes as well as an active social life. Something that, of course, did not embarrass a queen Sofia that, as always, said nothing and remained in the background.