The mess of bed of Paula Echevarria with a rich boy from Madrid (and not Miguel Torres)


March 23, 2020
(15:40 CET)

Paula Echevarría knows very well that each and every one of your posts, just leading to a lot of comments and controversy in the networks. And that is what has happened with his latest publication.

Surely, taking into account that Paulathe pair of Miguel Torres, is happening this quarantine at home as the rest of Spanish citizens, the excess of free time has meant that the actress has recovered old photos and wanted to share it with their followers on social networks.

In this case, has recovered some of the pictures that you have, eye, 15 years. A few images of the 2005 in which, yes, already saw that Paula I was going to star. However, as much as in the photos appear “divine”, as pointed out by many of his followers, his haters have not made another thing that to take advantage of the occasion to also go for it.

The mess of bed of Paula Echevarría

How? Explaining a mess of the bed. And it was precisely in 2005 when Paula and David Bustamante agreed in a hotel in Lanzarote. From there was born the love that ended in marriage. But be careful because there are a few that suggest that the actress already came with some wanting to pass by the altar.

And is that Echevarria just got out of a relationship of more than four years with Alain Cornejo, the son of Enrique Cornejo, one of the producers theatre most well-known of the country. It seems to be that Paula I wanted to take the step and marry, something that was not in the plans of Dogwood. In fact, according to point in Jaleos, to know of the refusal, of Candás we left things very clear to Alain: “Or we get married or leave, and I case with the first one that crosses my path”.

And in this way appeared a David Bustamante with that Paula found new love. We’ll see if, unlike the relationship with Cornejo and Bustamante, which has now Miguel Torres just in a better port.