The quarantine gets to Kiko Rivera in a problem very ugly


March 23, 2020
(13:10 CET)

Kiko Rivera has become one of the names in the last few hours. And is that the son of Isabel Pantoja it has taken a drastic decision. A decision that, for the moment, has not been explained but, as expected, has given a lot to talk about.

And that has not been other than to delete each and every one of the publications that he had made in his account Instagram until now. Yes, you read that right, Kiko Rivera he has deleted all his Instagram.

An account that still has nearly 800,000 followers but, today, only has three posts: one photo “stop coronavirus”, a video in which Kiko account that has made a “detox digital” and a picture of GH Duo of 2019.

A decision that has generated a lot of comments but, in the end, it has not been served Kiko to cover one of the main problems that is causing this quarantine. A problem very ugly.

The problem of Kiko Rivera

And is that, as is logical taking into account that we all need to be home during a time, all the entertainment venues such as nightclubs and bars are closed. In this sense, now that I began the ‘season’ of bowling for Riverathat over had taken a new hit, Exhaust, the dj has seen all of their performances of the last few days (and predictably future) have vanished.

It is obvious that the first thing in what you’re thinking now Kiko is in their health and the health of their own, but it is also evident that all of these cancellations will pass bill at the end of the month. Among other things because it’s going to be virtually impossible to recover this entire series of bowling.

By luck, Kiko and yours also have a good low-cost mattress and a good part of their earnings come by reproductions of their songs on the digital platforms. Yes, the stick economic be several weeks whether to take action will be more than remarkable.