The shocking photo of Cristina Pedroche in jeans without Photoshop! (and is back)


March 24, 2020
(14:03 CET)

Despite the confinement, there is something that Cristina Pedroche has not been set aside. We refer to the sport and to your yoga sessions. Something very important at a time like the one we are living, in which physical activity has been reduced in so great a measure.

The vallecana knows, and often demonstrates in his account of Instagram images with their usual routines. For example, the image that we shared below, in which Cristina we show as mounted in the house so as not to lose the rhythm of your yoga sessions.

Cristina settles to the Whale of Vallecas

Because Cristina you do not want to display the physique you sported a few years ago. We refer to the time in which the called “Whale of Vallecas”. She claimed that the criticism he slipped, but it is clear that something affected him, since then he has not stopped working for displaying a physical profile.

We both got to work the wife of David Muñoz some of his followers came even frightened at times, when Pedroche he showed an extreme thinness very worrying. “Are you okay?”, asked some in the network, while others criticized that you were giving a very bad example to their followers.

Cristina Pedroche scares in jeans

And is that both came to thin that he even stayed with no curves. So you can see in the following image. In it Cristina poses from behind showing the back, that just is prized volume in the innkeeper.

Cristina Pedroche without