The tips of Emma Watson for the quarantine of the coronavirus


More and more celebrities are encouraged to share messages on social networks, either to make us more enjoyable quarantine with funny videos, to send messages of support or to ask us to stay at home. Emma Watson has taken the opportunity to share some tips, which has caught nothing more and nothing less than Michelle Obama.

“My grandmother has more than 70 years, making it particularly vulnerable… My mother is diabetic type 1 and my best friend is a health professional. #YoMeQuedoEnCasaPor them. Why who you get thou in the house?”wrote the actress in his publication along with a photo with a sign that says: “I’ll stay at home by my grandmother, my mother and my best friend”.

After thanking Michelle Obama for the tips that she posted on her InstagramWatson has chosen some of them to help each other in these difficult times. “Call the parents that you know they are trying to make this as normal as possible and offer to give your children a class or read a book”.

Emma Watson

It also advises that we support those who can not stay at home as workers in supermarkets, pharmacists or managers of food stores. “Give a gift (…) any person who provides services vital to you in your neighborhood”. Watson advised to pay to our hairdressers, barbers and beauticians as if we continue to keep having our appointment, and that if it is possible to make a donation of food.

To finish these wise advice, Watson has decided to give a message of encouragement to all those who are not carrying all that well to the confinement. It is normal to feel overwhelmed and afraid. It is good to disconnect and take a break. It is okay to say “I Need help”. We can all take turns to get up one another”he concludes the message.

An initiative of Kevin Bacon

The message of Emma Watson comes in the wake of the initiative that created Kevin Bacon with the hashtag #IStayHomeFor (#YoMeQuedoEnCasaPor). The actor wanted to encourage all those who would like to join by putting the name of the person or people who decide to stay at home, and, in addition, labelled to six more people to continue the challenge.

Julia Roberts has also wanted to join. “I have to stay at home for my family, for small businesses, by all health care workers who are struggling all over the world, by my amazing neighbor of 95 years.”wrote the actress. I stay at home and to be part of the solution. Stay at home all. What there is to do. Roberts was nominated to continue the challenge to Jennifer Aniston, Emma Roberts, and Ali Wentworth.