‘The Walking Dead’ pays homage to Michonne in the last chapter of Danai Gurira


Beware of SPOILERS!

*This article contains spoilers of the chapter 10×13 of ‘The Walking Dead’

This Sunday has been a very sad night for fans of ‘The Walking Dead’. A year after announcing that the character of Michonne, Danai Gurira, would come out of the series, chapter 13 of the tenth season has been chosen to close the plot one of the most important characters of the series.

‘What We Became’this is how is called the episode, is fully dedicated to Michonne and leaves for the next day, the unknowns of the decisions Denying in the previous chapter.


With this episode the character of Danai Gurira closes a cycle that began with his arrival, when he saved the character of Andrea (Laurie Holden) of the walkers at the end of the second season. “If I hadn’t taken that decision, if on the other hand I would have said: ‘I don’t know this person. Better not’, the trajectory of his life would have been different”tells Angela Kang, one of the showrunner in an interview with EW, “thus, we believe that it was a good place to tell you what happens when you take all these decisions.

In the chapter, Michonne sets sail to the island of Virgil (Kevin Carroll) where it intends to acquire new weapons but, in their place, found some boots that are more than familiar. Are the boots of Rick. After questioning him, Virgil confesses that he found in a small boat that came to the island and Michonne decide to register it. There find a mobile phone with a picture of herself next to Judith, his daughter, and a name: “Rick”.

This object confirms to Michonne that the character of Andrew Lincoln is still alive, so your first reaction is to call Judith and Rick Jr. through the walkie talkie. Finally, are their own children which will encourage them to move away and change the direction of his mission to the north to find Rick.

As Danai Gurira account Deadline, has been the best end for his character in the series. “It has been a peaceful one. It has been nice. It has been joyful. It has been sad. It has been, you know, rewarding. I am grateful for how I have allowed to get out of the series and how well they have addressed the character. I am grateful for how much I have been able to do and how I have been able to get out of a way to honor the character and give him the possibility of being true to itself”.

This night, March 23, on Fox Spain we will once again have the opportunity to see the last episode of Michonne dubbed in Spanish.

And now, what?

The path that has taken Michonne only brings us hope, it is true that Danai Gurira does not plan to return to the series but what is clear is that the development of Michonne has not ended in the franchise. All indications are that it will appear in the trilogy of films featuring the character of Rick Grimes.

In addition, the mobile phone found by Michonne, which also hides a back story that’s left to tell. On the screen were recorded a few japanese symbols (next to the drawing of Judith and her) that, according to Angela Kang, mean “create a little more”. So not only Michonne, we’re also willing to believe.

Comic Book collects some of the statements of Scott M. Gimple on ‘Talking Dead’ that support this theory. Your story has not ended, we are going to tell more stories with Michonne, still we rejoiced to find in this episode was that, thematically, we were able to conclude the character.