‘The Walking Dead’: The hidden message from Rick to Michonne might expect the plot of the movies


Beware of SPOILERS!

*This article contains spoilers of chapter 13 of season 10 of ‘The Walking Dead’

While the story of ‘The Walking Dead’ continues to unfold episode after episode, the franchise is beginning its preparations to expand beyond a base of full-length films. And so, in this tenth season, which is still in emission, the study has wanted to start to open that door.

Tenth season of 'The Walking Dead'

In the 13th episode, Michonne finds some objects that in the past belonged to Rick Grimes, his disappeared love. Between them appears an old iPhone that has engraved on its screen a picture of your own Michonne next to a Judith more and more of the Rick saw for the last time. In addition, there are some japanese letters and the firm’s own Rick above, to confirm his wife’s suspicions that this is still alive.

“All I can say is that, obviously, these are clues that something is happening there, and that there is a full story that develops in any partI emphasize in Talking Dead the executive producer of the series, Scott Gimple. “And Michonne could be moving towards that,”continued. Everything seems to point, therefore, that this new plot will develop in the upcoming films, which, as had already been announced, will focus on the figure of Rick. Will Michonne get back together again with him?

Message of hope

The showrunner Angela Kang revealed in Insider that, in fact, what the japanese letters mean is “Create a little more”. “The phone is obviously the trail of a bigger story that has happened”confirmed. And now that Michonne has joined a caravan of survivors, it is possible that this group ends up meeting with Rick in the north.

For now, these films do not even have a release date. But, waiting for it to announce a signing for the direction, the script or the delivery of the first of them, the series seems ready to pave the ground.