The whim of a rich girl from Toñi Moreno to change your body get whole!


March 23, 2020
(18:21 CET)

Having money can often make the side a caprice of the people, and, but that what say Toñi Moreno. The presenter of Spanish 46 years of age, known lately for his work on Telemadrid, has decided to spend these days of confinement in a different way.

Toñi has not had too much luck with the return to work, because, after each absence for reasons of pregnancy, his return has been short because of the coronavirus. For this reason, and to the obligation to return home earlier than thought, has decided to change her body with a whim of a rich girl.

Toñi Moreno in MYHYV

The new adventure was announced by Moreno in their networks with the following words: “Today really started my challenge Two lives. I want to change my habits, learn how to eat healthy, incorporate sport as part of my routine… and restore Health. It is never too late to set new goals, and today start to walk to have quality of life. I want to do sport with my daughter when she grows up, and who has a mother agile”.

The project of life that became in reality it was developed hand-in-hand with a coach who has experience with many of the stars. We refer to Alex Twinewho at 27 years of age gives them advice to celebrities like MakokeAlejandro Albalá, Nacho Warriors, to name a few.

How much is the whim of Toñi Moreno?

Of course, the quality is paid and in this case was not the exception to the rule. Motivation, exercises, original and unique energy of Alex Twine is worth 100 euros for each session in a group, and, for customized training, the fee is 60 euros per class.

It seems like a great idea to Toñi Moreno the passing days of confinement by changing for good your body. They can’t all have the trainer of the stars, but they can choose how to take advantage of the free time favorably. Do you notice the change when the pandemic happen?