This is the milk more dangerous (and bad) that you can buy in the supermarket


March 24, 2020
(15:54 CET)

The supermarkets have the mission to make available to the consumer a variety of products, but do not reach beyond. That is to say, the topic of the nutritional quality or the benefits that may exist for the environment is not their concern, only the sales. The milk is always one of the products most required, therefore, to finally disclose what is the most dangerous you should avoid at all costs.

To begin, we need to be clear that there are two groups well-marked split in milk dairy and milk plant.

The preference for the milk dairy of a great part of the population is due to a question of tradition and the search for a greater nutritional value. However, this election could get really expensive for all in a few years. What do we mean? Drawbacks that come associated with this type of milk and which are silenced to keep the most of the sales in the supermarkets.


The vegetable milk promotes the environment

The advantage of the vegetable milk on the dairy this is not a personal taste, but studies by the University of Oxford. Came to the conclusion that for the production of a glass of milk milk is required 9 times more land than for the option of a plant. What land for what? To the food(Grass) for the cows.

But this was not all revealed by the investigation, as milk dairy, in addition, I generate 3 times more greenhouse gases. In other words, the planet suffers when you prefer this alternative over the plant.

Clear that the milk plant also has some negative consequences, but it is still the best way. Among the different types of plant products we can find almond, coconut, rice, oat, hazelnut, and soy, to name a few. The last two are recommended by their proteins. Do you already have clear your next purchase?

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