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25. March 2020 broadcast at 21:10 on Rai Movie Joy by David O ‘ Russell, inspired by the life of Joy Mangano, the inventor of a wipe to facilitate the work of Housewives, played by Jennifer Lawrence.

25. March broadcast on Rai Movie in Prime time Joy of David O ‘ Russelland shows on the scene, along with the Golden pair, formed from Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooperto tell the story behind the creation of the wipe, clean the floors.

Tonight, tv | Joy | the plot of The film

Joy was always a person who is very enterprising, alarm clock, definitely, but life, unfortunately, is not reserved, a to get: divorced and with two children to loads, is forced to live together with the mother, depending on the nominations, the ex-husband in the basement, and the old grandmother, the only one he has a relationship, sincere and loving. The image, a tedious work in the night to have some cash to scrape together.

But to find it one day, and again, his innate creative spirit, you invent an object to help in the cleaning. And help us to think, the girlfriend, the girlfriend of the father, and unexpectedly, ex-husband, whose advice as a more than useful.

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Tonight, tv | Rai Movie | Joy

Inspired by the real story Joy Mangano, Joy marks the third collaboration between the Director and screenwriter David O ‘ Russelland his protagonists Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro. Sebbenne a recording that is very hot has received, the film was also a candidate for the Golden Globe as Best film (Comedy / musical, as well as the Oscar for Best actress.

Fresh and is characterized by a typical taste of the Nineties, Joy an original story and very little is known is told, what to the common life of us all.

Joy | The trailer for the film

To see why it is: a Comedy from the taste of the Nineties to an original story with a strong Jennifer Lawrence.

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