Unveiled this Bertin Osborne. And it is heartbreaking. No one expected something like this

bertin osborne

March 23, 2020
(13:32 CET)

The situation of Spain by the coronavirus does not improve and the data are each day more of a concern. More than 25,000 cases were counted and 1,500 deaths. In the coming days these numbers will increase exponentially and we will be able to overcome even to Italy, the country hardest hit by the virus. The alpine country already exceeds that of China, both in cases and in deaths. The citizens are increasingly worried, although for the moment it does not harden the restrictions, but it has already been confirmed for an extension of another 15 days.

The coronavirus is taking the next most vulnerable of the people. In confinement time many people are away from their loved ones. A few are lucky enough to have close to your parents, your children, your partner, or a group of friends. Other this tragedy has caught them completely alone. Some miss people that are far away and others who are not. All the world is eager to embrace and kiss, say I love you again and again.


Bertin Osborne receives a hard blow. The singer of rancheras are very concerned about the health of his son Kike and neither he nor Fabiola peel off a single moment from your side. The whole world, especially Spain, in his case, he faces the battle against the coronavirus, an epidemic that has already taken just in this country more than 600 people. Most of them elderly or people with chronic diseases. It is precisely the son of the presenter would be within the scope of this last group that he would be in danger and that they should take all the necessary measures.

“You have to ensure that the curve is infection, lower, or stabilize, and that way you will be able to ensure that they do not have avalanche in hospitals”says the host of My house is yours worried, but very aware of the situation. “I try to make things more or less okay, but if it has to happen, will happen. There is that mentalizarse, to ensure that older people have more coverage or you are more careful, but outside of that…”says the host of My house is yours.

His son Kike should keep special care that is intensified with this situation: “For my son Kike and my father we have very much taken with all this. We have not gone to any public place I had planned several”supports Bertin.

In addition to Bertin Osborne is not going through a good time professional. Because of the coronavirus many of their projects have been cancelled, although scheduled, and some for later. “Yes, to me this month and next, all I had I have postponed it seems, is not total cancellation, but they have canceled seven or eight important things, of course, this is a catastrophe for the entire world. […] Miguel Angel Revilla in Santander had an international fair that I was going to go to accompany him. In Carmona, the side of my house, the day of the working woman were there to greet them all in a theatre and not going to do it. All that there is to take care of it”.

Bertin Osborne narrated in the first person as the passes these days of confinement. “Here I am in exile, as all over the world. I am in Seville in the field. We thank God we have more luck because we can move in here, we took it a lot better, I can’t complain. We have a lot more space. We have not moved from here, we have not gone outside of the boundaries of the estate”explains and ensures that only one person enters and exits your property.

“There is only one person that is the one which goes to buy food and medicine. We’ve been here ten days, we’re relatively well, thanks to God, and by better luck than many of the others I send you a big hug”.

Bertin Osborne, Fabiola, and their son Kike

I still take humor to the situation: “Here have a room for screaming, in all the houses you have to have a room for that one goal there and sputters. We have taught my son Carlos to play the mus, we have made it fatal because you now have a luck the guy with the cards that we are leaving collapsed”.

In addition, Bertin feel a real privileged: “I have more luck because we are not locked inside the house. To me it puts me hairs like hooks when I see a lot of images that I see on television of people who do not respect this, this is something very serious. It is essential that we stay at home, the moment you stop the curve I’m going to throw away 48-hour stuck in the bar”:

And Fabiola, Bertin Osborne jokes: “I’ve been without watching it all afternoon, is stuck in the gym because you’re doing a challenge. It can’t be or say hello if you want because you scream”.