VIDEO: how Biby Gaytán will ruin the hair to Eduardo Capetillo?


In a video on the social networks, the actress Biby Gaytán he shared the moment when we had to turn in a stylist to perform a hair cut to her husband, the actor and singer Eduardo Capetillosince he cannot attend to the hairdresser for the quarantine of the Coronavirus. Does it ruin the hair?

Eduardo Capetillo explained in the clip that he has been very obsessed with cutting the hair, as it is very meticulous in that part of your look. However, before the pandemic of Coronavirus, since you can’t get out of your home to be their hairstyles; consequently, he had to ask his wife Biby Gaytán for that you will be the change of the image.

Although at the beginning, the actress Biby Gaytán it seemed that he had everything under control, in a moment of carelessness, he cut off further with the razor and the hair of Edward. Then, the actor began to worry about to see what his wife was doing.

However, at the end of the activity, Capetillo was satisfied with the result of beauty that made him her talented partner. Therefore, it was not ruined her hair cut and she’ll probably become your new personal stylist.

The solid marriage Capetillo-Gaytán

Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo are one of the most famous couples of the show. Their marriage started in 1994, and although during many years away from the artistic environment to raise a family that consists of 5 beautiful children, have now become more open with his family life, and even Biby he resumed his acting career.

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On Instagram, Eduardo and Biby have become much more active and share with their thousands of fans photos and videos of their day-to-day, and now that they are in quarantine, they do so with more regularity. Their romance is one of the most solid of the showbiz and for this reason, the public is happy that the couple is very united, so much so that Eduardo let Biby will cut the hair.