Video: It happened! Adele moves her back and the rhythm of the music oh OMG!


Adele crazy your fans with your video

Adele Laurie Blue better known as Adele is a british singer-songwriter, 31 years of age who has become known for his voice as explosive as it tends to raise the skin of the listener.

Recall that in the past the singer Adele was very criticized by the media because the artist had a lot of those extra kilos that affected him at the time of appearing in the big scenarios because they didn’t feel totally comfortable with criticism of big media.

What is most curious about the personal life of Adele is her father when she was just 2 years old, the abandoned, and only counted with the unconditional support of her mother to fulfill her dreams.

Recently, we have observed a video on the official account of Instagram of the singer Adele who has left surprised all her fans as we can see, that beat all the discomforts which at the time affected him.

And on this occasion decided to share a video in your account in which we can observe moving their pumps up and down to the rhythm of the music, without no penalty what a success!