“We send strength to all the countries that are suffering from the pandemic, we’re in this together”


The cuban singer Jorge Juniorleader of the grouping of urban music 4, has released a message “to the whole world,” and the cubans of the island through the social networks to the global crisis of the coronavirus that strikes more than several nations of the world.

The reguetonero shared a video on the profile of Instagram of the group from inside a car that he dedicated to his followers in all countries with the one who made a call to the union, strength, and understanding in the face of these difficult times that we face.

Despite the fact that his words were addressed primarily to his public more, international, the singer urban did not forget his people of Cuba and included in your message, because for him this is a pandemic very “serious” that “is just destroying the world”.

“This goes to the whole world of part of The 4. We want to say that makes it lack the strength, union, understanding, and be more than ever united. This goes mostly for these countries and for what to us also, we need to be mainly in this together by this plague that is killing the world, because this is a serious thing,” he said.

Then, Jorge Junior he referred to his fans assuring them that stood by them and supported these days are so crucial for the coronavirus and also prompted them to not forget to act always in keeping with the “intelligence” and “equanimity”.

“Part of The 4 we are telling that we are with you, we’re in this together, because that is a thing that has no name, that is killing all over the world, so to go forward with strength, intelligence and equanimity. We want you,” he said.

In addition to the words that he said in the video, the director of The 4 he also wrote the following text attached to the publication with which it reinforced its message of support for the coronavirus: “We send strength to all the countries that are suffering from the pandemic, we’re all in this together”.

Jorge Junior has been lately very focused on his music, his family and a new love who apparently has in the city of Miami, Florida.

Though the reguetonero has not made official his relationship to his fans, yes that has been sharing cryptic messages on his account of Facebook and has even put a photo of the above.

According to the image, it is a young living to “90 miles” of Cuba and that, apparently, has sagging the heart of George Junior to the point that you can’t stop thinking about her.

“90 miles is not enough to end this love. There’s little left so let’s hurry,” he commented next to a snapshot of him and his new girl.

“I want to start everything from 0 and you know that I’m coming for you. I won’t give you option to think of anything else”, he added in another publication.