What were you in 1998 that you do not have now? The question that became viral on Twitter


The World France, movies Crazy by Mary and Armaggedon, the Powerpuff Girls, and Windows 98 are some of the milestones of two decades ago. Of course, there are many more. A user of Twitter, Eric Bailey, tried to compile some of the most fun.

For that, he had a brief question on the social network: “Hello Twitter! What they had in 1998 that do not have in 2018?

Many people do not hesitate to talk about something that in reality won in the last 20 years: it weight!

“A waist”.

“A great body without having to exercise.”

Others, however, recalled technology products and also other objects most strangers.

“Furniture inflatable”

Finally, there are those who chose to respond with questions a little more metaphysical.

“The approval of my mom.”


“Friends singles”.