“You have broken!”. Anabel Pantoja are not expecting something like that, but there is no turning back


March 23, 2020
(19:16 CET)

Anabel Pantoja has enjoyed a great reception by the public, and that can be noticed with its 960 thousand followers on Instagram. Clear that to be a niece of Isabel Pantoja he supplied in some measure the way towards the recognition. All was going well until a few months ago, but the reality has changed considerably. There seems to be No going back.

One of the projects to which he had dedicated himself to Anabel, taking advantage of his popularity was that of a beauty salon. This initiative was developed together with his very good friend, Susana Molina.

After a growth, interesting business, the income does not seem to have met expectations, which, united to an infinite number of additional projects, they did agree that it was best to sell it.

Finally, the close relationship between these two personalities has distanced itself, as each one is dedicating most of the time to the work and the relationships with their partners.

anabel pantoja

Although Pantoja on the topic of relationships is living a confusing time.

Does Anabel Pantoja are not home?

The relationship of Anabel with Omar Sanchez it has been affected by the coronavirus, or at least that is what it looked like. The wedding has been postponed, according to the words of the personality: “I Want my people to be quiet, I’m going to defer to when you can. We talked about it before the rest of the team, I have spoken with the organizer and how I want to that you are all well, I have very clear that I want to postpone”.

What arouses the rumors of a breakup or a difficult time is that the wedding was planned for June, making the decision to notice completely rushed since march.

The time will be in charge of the ultimate test on whether Anabel Pantoja changed the date of the pandemic, or if it is due to an issue with Omar Sanchez. The turning back is unlikely.